Business & Professional German

FOKUS can show you how the German business world ticks.

Working in Germany demands more than just the language – you need to understand how the people think, see what’s hiding behind the words. Our German trainers understand their language inside and out and can help you do the same. In a range of formats from 1-1, Open Group, Private Mini-Group, Intensive and Company Courses we can help you work effectively and confidently in German. Our courses can take place in our training centre or at your desk, as you work through your daily tasks.

Our business and professional German courses will cover:

  • introducing yourself and your role
  • everyday expressions and idioms used at work
  • key vocabulary and phrases for the workplace
  • describing your job, department, company and products
  • business communication language for telephoning, emailing, meetings, discussions, negotiations, presentations…
  • intercultural differences – the German way of doing business

Your local FOKUS training centre will advise you which Business and Professional German options are available in your area.

All our German Courses can prepare you for a certificate.