Customised Seminars & Workshops

If you have a specific need, a deadline to meet or would like to work with confidential company information, FOKUS can plan and run a customised seminar or workshop for your employees. In recent years, we have run:

  • Doing Business with the French
  • English for Real Estate (specifically dealing with USA partners)
  • Technical Reading Skills
  • English for Lawyers
  • Being Effective in English Language Meetings
  • English for Interviewing
  • English for Human Resources
  • English for CV and Interview Preparation

Speak to our team about your specific needs. We are able to run seminars or workshops on a range of language, intercultural and business topics and will tailor the content to your needs, level and authentic situations and documents. Before your seminar, we’ll assess the level and needs of your employees and gather materials from their work, such as presentations or reports, to use on the day.

Of course in these situations, we take extreme care to respect the confidentiality of all information and documents we work with.