English: A language without borders.

Learning English with FOKUS

More people speak English than any other language. It makes communication possible in Berlin and Shanghai. And London of course!

English is the official language in 60 countries, and the standard language for international communications, science and technology and organizations such as the UN. It is the only language spoken by more non-native speakers than native-speakers on a regular basis. Can you afford not to speak it? School English will take you only so far - you need to be able to communicate effectively and with confidence across a range of business and everyday situations with people from around the world.

Our English courses:

So that you can use your English in business, study, travel or everyday life, we offer:

  • 1-1 tailor-made courses, including intensive courses, at our training centre, your company or in a place of your choice
  • small groups
  • in-company training

“Training on the job” is our most individual and specialised training option: your English trainer will work alongside you as you work, giving direct feedback based on your real every day English tasks.

We also offer a range of intercultural seminars for working with and understanding English speakers, and a range of seminars, covering topics such as presentations and negotiations in English.

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