FOKUS Executive

At the top you’re under pressure.

As a top executive you need to balance the demands of your job with your need for language training. Your FOKUS Executive coach will give you the tools to work effectively in your target language when the stakes are high. We will develop a personal programme clearly focused on your priorities. Specialised language, critical meetings, presentations to the board – together with networking skills and intercultural competence – one of our top trainers will make your job their job.

  • Current trends in business language – jargon, idioms

  • Fluency and confidence under pressure

  • Language for management

  • Rapid understanding of newspapers, business documents, TV and radio news

  • Networking and business socialising

  • Doing business across cultures

  • Extra flexible format: late cancellations, fast appointments, same short document (emails, letters short reports) proof-reading

These are just some of the directions you can take with your executive language coach.