French: food, wine, art, fashion and much much more…

Learning French with FOKUS

French for the boardroom or for ordering a good Bordeaux… anyone doing business with the French or visiting one of the world’s cultural treasure troves will know the value of speaking their language.

Polishing up your French will pay off when you’re confronted with meetings in French or when you want to order a meal. Do you know the difference between “Bordeaux” and “Bourgogne” or what a “Boefflamott” is? Or maybe you have a love affair with Camembert, Edith Piaf or the coast of Brittany? French for holidays or Francophiles who would love to be able to discuss French literature and philosophy is also part of our programme.

Our French courses:

Whether you need to polish up your school French or are just taking your first steps in the language, we can offer a range of options at the Fokus training centres across Germany:

  • small groups
  • 1-1 tailor-made courses, including intensive courses, at our training centre, your company or at a place of your choice
  • “Doing business with the French”: 1 day workshop
  • “Intercultural Training: France”: 1 or 2 day seminar
  • We have experience in assisting customers from various industries communicate successfully with French partners, including the IT, cosmetic, fashion, automotive and aerospace fields