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What is GMAT?

The Graduate Management Admission Test

What is it used for?

Many MBA or even PhD courses require it

Is it an English test?

It’s in English, but it’s not an English language test. It’s a test of mental intelligence and the ability to make decisions under time pressure

How long is it and what is the format?

3 ½ hours plus 2 x 10 minute breaks: 2 x 30 minute essays – an issue and an argument, 75 minutes of verbal skills questions (about 14 reading comprehension questions (3 passages), 10 critical reasoning questions and 17 sentence correction questions) and 75 minutes of quantitative skills questions (about 13 data sufficiency, and 34 problem solving)

How can I prepare?

FOKUS can offer tailor-made 1-1 training (short or long term) or 1 day group seminars (GMAT tips and practice)

Where do I do the test?

You register online through the official website at one of the German test centres in München, Berlin, Hamburg, Frankfurt or Düsseldorf

Where do I do my preparation?

At any FOKUS Training Centre

For more information:

The official GMAT web site or your local FOKUS training centre