Individual or 1-1 German Training

A course that fits like a glove.

We often use the term “tailor-made”, but what does it really mean?
Your FOKUS 1-1 German course is made to your measurements – your needs and interests, your level, your learning style and your schedule. We also think about you as a person and choose a trainer to fit your communication style and personality. We know that 1-1 training demands a great learning atmosphere, so that’s what we aim to provide.

Your 1-1 German course can focus on business, academic or general German. We’ll also check whether you need to read and write, or want to concentrate on speaking and listening. Your priorities are the keystones of the course - 1-1 training is the fastest and most finely tuned language learning option.

Our German trainers are “locals” who nevertheless understand the stresses and challenges of living in a different country. They’ll help open the door to German culture and everyday behaviour, so that you’ll feel your intercultural understanding increasing alongside your language skills.

We want you to feel at home here in Germany.

All our German Courses can prepare you for a certificate.