Intercultural Training

People might talk about a “global village”, but in this village, not everyone is on the same wavelength when it comes to communicating – at FOKUS, we deliver more than just words.

Travel, study, relationships, work – there are many reasons we need to communicate with people who don’t speak our language. FOKUS trainers come from over 28 different countries and know, first hand, the challenges of communicating across language and cultural borders. They use this experience to make intercultural awareness a key part of our courses.

If your private, study or working life demands specific skills for dealing with one or more cultures, FOKUS can deliver specialised intercultural and country-preparation training. Doing business with the Chinese, backpacking across Asia, moving to the USA, getting to know Brazilian in-laws, holidaying in India - we can develop a workshop to fit your needs, or make intercultural training a major part or your language course.