FOKUS – meeting all of your language and communication training needs

Whatever the language, you won’t be lost for words again after your course at one of our 16 training centres.

Maybe you need to take your business German to the next level, polish up your Spanish before your summer holiday or pass an English exam in order to study? For over 25 years, FOKUS has been providing language training with a commitment to quality, professionalism and above all, attention to customer needs. When you need language for business, study or interest, you can be sure that we have the right course and trainer for you – whether you’re just a beginner or already advanced.

Flexibility is central to our philosophy. Whatever your target language, we can offer a course with the format and content to fit your needs:



  • FOKUS General: everyday language for travel, friendship & interest
  • FOKUS Business: for your everyday business communication
  • FOKUS Technical: when you need to discuss technical issues in general terms
  • FOKUS Specialist: when you need highly specific vocabulary for your profession
  • FOKUS Executive: you have a demanding job and complex needs, you need a highly-skilled and senior trainer, superior service and flexibility
  • FOKUS Academic: when you plan to study abroad and need a preparation course for your academic career


  • 1-1 offers a flexible and totally tailor-made language programme for learners with specialized needs, a deadline to meet or an ever-changing schedule. Your trainer is chosen to match your needs and learning style.
  • Private Mini Groups offer the chance to share the cost with friends but have flexibility and a tailor-made programme
  • Our Open Group Programme runs all year round: groups you can join anytime
  • Company Groups: We offer a full range of language training options for our Company Customers


  • FOKUS Seminars: for compact language skills training over 1-2 days
  • FOKUS Blended Learning: Skype, Self-Learning Programmes, E-Learning, Email and telephone training, Telcos… all can be taken alone or combined with face-to-face training for learners whose commitments call for a flexible approach
  • Crash Course: 1-2 weeks intensive course of part or full days to get you to the next level as quickly as possible, or to prepare you for a special appointment. You can choose between a half day or a full day course depending on your schedule.