Language is Communication

And communication is the key word in FOKUS language training.

Speaking from day 1: this is our motto. If your memories of school English or French still haunt you, take heart: language learning for adults at Fokus is different. We teach language as it should be taught, not as a school subject. You will be supported and motivated to speak from the beginning, with authentic language activities and role-plays providing the chance to practice and gain confidence using your new language. You’ll master the skills needed to switch from formal to informal, direct to diplomatic. Your trainer will take the time to find out where your strengths and weaknesses lie so that s/he can help you progress towards your goals.

Our language courses are supported by sound methodology and the best of materials:

  • Authentic language based on concrete, real-world situations
  • Activities designed to maximize participation and learning: enjoyable,  interesting, useful, rewarding…we understand that people learn best when they feel engaged and motivated
  • Clear, constructive feedback
  • Discussion of intercultural differences
  • Use of modern technology: Skype, Telco, internet…