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Visitors from Verona

We had the honour to welcome guests from Italy at FOKUS Munich. 50 young students from the hotel management school discovered Munich and learned German at our school. Ci vediamo!

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Learn German in Munich: telc-test

FOKUS is a certified telc-examiner and offers you to take the test every month at our language school in the Brienner Str. 48. We also offer preparation courses for all levels.

Here you will find the Munich TELC-test dates for 2017.

If you have any further questions please contact our friendly team: +49 (0)89 45 21 336-0

Intensive Courses in our language school in Munich

begin every month - for an unbeatable price: 650,- € for 80 units. Register now!

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Evening Classes in our language school in Munich

...begin every month. Under language courses, you will find our wide range of courses. Please choose your requested desired language. It is possible to join the language courses in Munich at any time.

Learn German in Munich: German Course Program

You can join the courses in our language school in Munich at any time you want depending on your level. If you have any questions concerning dates, please call our office:

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Language courses Munich: 089 45 21 336-0

German courses Munich: 089 45 21 336-12