A Professional for Professionals

Fokus stands for professional language training for customers with high expectations.

“Our job is to meet the expectations of every one of our customers”, explains Monica Vibert, the founder of the Fokus Group. For 25 years, this Munich-based language professional has led the group with her clear vision and high standards:

  • qualified, experienced and professional trainers
  • expert management teams at all schools with  group pedagogical support structure
  • training based on real needs and job-specific language, working towards clear and achievable goals
  • lean administration whilst maintaining high quality: excellent value for money
    efficient and transparent processes
  • open to feedback, responsive and customer friendly
  • quality management processes

Monica Vibert is also proud of the ethical standards which are a must for all Fokus Training Centres:

  • a sense of responsibility to our customers, partners and team
  • flexibility and openness to new ways of doing things
  • dedication to quality management through constant feedback and related improvements to our service
  • appreciation of long-standing relationships, loyalty shown through reliability, trustworthiness and quality