Portuguese: the language of exploration and discovery

Learning Portuguese with FOKUS

Portuguese for a business trip to Lisbon… or experiencing Carnival in Rio… We have the right trainer and course for you.

Flying to Brazil for a factory tour in San Paulo or for the trip of a lifetime down the Amazon? Planning to study for a semester in Rio, or searching for a farmhouse to renovate in the Algarve? Whether you need the Portuguese of the beaches or the boardrooms, we can equip you with the language and cultural understanding needed to make your contact with Portuguese speakers all over the world a success. The language once described by Cervantes as “the sweet language” is now spoken by over 200 million people – including over half the population of South America.

Our Portuguese Courses:

Whether you need to polish up your business Portuguese or are just taking your first steps in the language, we can offer a range of options:

  • small groups
  • 1-1 tailor-made courses, including intensive courses, at our training centre, your company or in a palce of your choice
  • “Doing business with the Portuguese OR Brazilians”: 1 day workshop
  • “Intercultural Training: Brazil OR Portugal”: 1 or 2 day seminar
  • We have experience in assisting customers from various industries communicate succesfully with Portugese speaking partners, including the oil production, fashion and machining fields