Total Quality System – TQS

A commitment to quality.

Our commitment to communication is the basis for our internal and external quality system.

External Communication

The customer is our focus. To keep their needs at the forefront, each customer has a course manager before, during and after their course to ensure quality and professionalism.

Step 1: Needs analysis

Step 2: Goal setting, timelines for achievement of goals

Step 3: Feedback loop throughout training

Step 4: Follow-up

Internal Communication

Internal quality management rests on the communication between our customer, his/her course manager, the trainer and the trainer’s Director of Studies.

Step 1: Selection of suitable trainer

Step 2: Trainer briefing by Director of Studies

Step 3: Development of Training Plan

Step 4: Continual feedback from trainer and customer

Step 5: Follow-up

Course Planning Process



Key Fokus Training Centres across Germany are ISO certified or in the process of becoming ISO certified.