FOKUS Business Skills Workshops– master your professional communication

Using a foreign language in your job can be challenging. Our Business Skill Courses are the perfect solution to master everyday situations in your professional life. Experienced Business English trainers will teach you the standards in business culture in English-speaking countries and exersise role-plays drawn from life with you that will increase your confidence in your communication skills for negotiations, presentations or phone conferences.

We offer workshops covering the following topics:

Workshop Telephoning

Target group: Employees who want to communicate professionally and business fluently with their business partners via the telephone

 Course content:

  • Conventions and addressing people politely when answering, forwarding and ending phone calls
  • Exchange of information (spelling, address exchange, formal and informal language, agreements)
  • Taking and leaving messages
  • Dealing with complaints
  • Negotiations via the telephone

Workshop E-Mails

Target group: Employees who want to improve their writing skills to be able to communicate professionally with international business partners

Course Content:

  • E-mail structure
  • Phrasing for formal, informal and neutral Emails
  • Conventions of addressing people politely
  • Stock phrases for inquiries and answers etc.
  • Intercultural aspects
  • Grammar, tenses, orthography, sentences structure and word order

Workshop Presentations

Target group: Executive managers who need to talk in front of an international audience and who want to improve their linguistic and rhetorical competence as well as their convincibility

Course content:

  • Structure of a presentation
  • Arguments and presentation techniques
  • Communicating with international audience
  • Dealing with nervousness
  • Body language
  • Answering questions with aplomb

Workshop Negotiations

Target group: Executive managers and employees who plan, conduct or take part in meetings on a regular basis, who have to communicate with business associates and customers and who want to improve their skills in conduct of negotiation and negotiation tactics

Course contents:

  • Expressing opinions
  • Explaining and justifying arguments
  • Compromises and concessions
  • Intercultural aspects
  • Conflict management
  • Confident and sophisticated diction

Workshop English for Human Resources

Target group: Human resources personnel who want to communicate professionally and business fluently regarding recruitment and human resources development

Course contents:

  • Phrasing of job advertisement
  • Analysing CVs and recruitment process
  • Conducting interviews
  • Appraisal interviews, conflict management
  • Negotiating salaries


Every workshop is drafted towards the actual position of the course members. The trainer will give individual feedback for each participant providing suggestions for improvements, development of precise diction and other support. Role plays enable the participants to excersise and consolidate course material. If desired the use of video recordings can be provided for the workshops negotiation, presentations and human resources.

Recommended number of course participants: 8

All workshops are designed as one-day workshops – if you desire a shorter respectively extended version of a workshop please ask our staff.

If a workshop is of interest for you we can provide you with a detailed course programme.

Cut a good figure on the telephone and in the conference room – with FOKUS Business Skills